It’s time to go beyond ERP

ERP systems have been in the market for a number of years. However, they have certain distinct limitations. Also, because of high costs involved, they are beyond the reach of most SMEs.
We, therefore, decided to build an SME-friendly Unified Platform that brings together SME Buyers and OEM Suppliers in the industries on a single platform.

INVICTUS OLP – Order, Logistics and Payment system of the future

INVICTUS cloud based OLP Platform allows the users to process business transactions simply and effectively. Here’s a look at why it is superior to traditional ERP systems.
It is a complete Ecosystem enabling B2B2B Collaborative Transactions between buyers and sellers.
Also, it has an intelligent eCredit and ePayment Management system that helps SMEs to optimize seasonal and project cashflows. No ERP systems can match that! Needless to say, INVICTUS comes with an easy-to-use Dashboard and Reporting system for making effective business decisions.


Why choose INVICTUS OLP?

With INVICTUS cloud-based PaaS you can enjoy a seamless integration of your business workflows. In order to do this, you don’t have to invest a huge amount of money into the IT infrastructure. All technology resides on a plug and play cloud.
You can now create literally infinite transaction capabilities to manage your B2B2B workflow and collaborations.

Traditional ERP Systems

  • No Platform and ecosystem to allow back-to-back transaction between buyer and seller
  • Optimized for accounting instead of core business operation and execution
  • No Credit and Payment option to optimize cashflow
  • High Maintenance/Upgrade Cost and non optimized workflow
  • Limited & Manual Management visibility and control


  • ECOsystem Enabling Collaboration and Transactions between buyer and seller
  • Single, Unified platform for Order, Logistics and Payment
  • Intelligent eCredit and ePayment Management to optimize for seasonal and project cashflow
  • Dashboard, Report and KPI for effective business decision
  • Simplify, Automate and Mobilize
  • Connecting Many to Many Buyer/Seller


Platform as a Service (Paas) Solution

INVICTUS cloud based PaaS bring about a seamless integration of business workflows.

The industry can now enjoy the following benefits:

  • Infinite transaction capabilities for workflow and collaboration
  • Faster technology adoption since all technology resides on a plug and play cloud platform
  • Faster response to business changes and opportunities since no up-front costs of software development and deployment
  • Up to 90 % savings on capital investment, thereby enabling companies to achieve competitiveness
  • Win-Win productivity boost for all players in the industries