Productivity - Finding new and innovative ways to do things better

Simple Idea can make a big difference

In this time and age, where manpower is getting more and more expensive, you need tools that help you manage your business with optimum level of workforce. INVICTUS PaaS platform was conceived and designed to help you achieve maximum business impact with minimum resources.

INVICTUS Productivity Tools EMPOWER Your Business

On this platform you can easily Scan, File, Archive and Retrieve all your commercial documents. What’s more the intelligent data capture and Full Text Optical Character Recognition technology eliminate manual data entry. What’s more, you can even maintain online Supplier Catalogues.

Project Management/Costing

When you are managing complex projects, you can use our easy dashboards and reports to keep tabs on the project progress. You can do it in seconds, from anywhere. Our Advanced costing and budgeting tools help you keep a tight control on escalating project costs.

eCredit Management

Our intelligent eCredit management systems help you to easily manage credit terms, fluctuations in your business and reduce systematic risk. Whether you are a supplier or a buyer, you can now free up cashflows to stay competitive or leverage supplier credit for improving project cashflow.