Mobilize Operations

Most secure and reliable cloud infrastructure

INVICTUS PaaS system makes you truly mobile! Since it is 100% cloud-based, it is available anytime and anywhere and on any device.

INVICTUS is hosted on the IBM cloud infrastructure which securely generates, stores, and manages data encryption. We use Multi-factor Authentication & Encrypted Data Storage for this system. This also helps you to maintain absolute confidentiality about your transactions. Moreover, this world-class cloud-based hosting solution means it is very easy for you to meet corporate, contractual and regulatory compliance requirements for data security Privacy Policy.

Whether you access the INVICTUS system from your computer or any other mobile device, we maintain a seamlessly pleasant User Interface. Any data you enter into the system is stored on the cloud. This means, there is no need to maintain different versions across devices.

Just imagine the freedom and speed of decision-making you can enjoy with INVICTUS.

Management Visibility/Data Visualisation

  • Real time processing: Granular visibility into daily Project, Order, Cash and Sales with real-time dashboards, reports, scorecards and KPI’s
  • User friendly access: User across the business can work with INVICTUS 24/7 using any device/browser
  • In-depth reporting: Management gets 360 degrees view of business transactions resulting in better decision making

Productivity Tools

  • Scan, File, Archive and Retrieve documents such as Invoices, POs, DO, etc.
  • Intelligent capture and Full Text Optical Character Recognition technology to extract data and eliminate manual data entry
  • Supplier Catalogue management
  • Online document retrieval for speedy AR (Accounts Receivables) and AP (Accounts Payables) management and processing
  • Easy approval processes to speed up decision making
  • Advanced 2-way Quotation management system for faster response time

Project Management/Costing

  • Easy to manage workflows to Process, Validate, Control and Manage transactions
  • Easy dashboards and reports to keep tabs on the project progress
  • Advanced costing and budgeting tools
  • Process transparency and complete reporting for all transactions
  • Improved spending visibility improves accounting accuracy
  • Advanced costing and budgeting tools

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