The Challenge of Complexity - Eased

INVICTUS OLP & Credit Management Solutions

We understand how tough it is to run a business in today’s information overload from various sources. Cut throat competition, demanding customers and nagging HR issues may have bogged you down.

No more! All key features of INVICTUS OLP Model are aimed at achieving a single objective how to simplify your life.

INVICTUS OLP platform comes with three simple-to-operate modules.

Order Processing

With this module, you can now achieve real-time approvals by removing most manual touch points in B2B2B transactions. By enabling B2B2B Collaborative Transactions, you can improve efficiency up to 50% by eliminating spreadsheets! You experience improved and healthy business relationships as a result of On-time payments.

Logistics Management

Is Logistics Management taking up too much time? Now with INVICTUS you can access logistics vendors directly from the system and manage logistics workflows.

Invoice Management & ePayment

This is really an SME friendly feature! Our eCredit & ePayments helps you to track, manage and ease your company cashflow and working capitals. You can minimise your business risks and let our eCredit free up your cashflows.
Online invoicing and receivables management helps you to track and validate invoices faster. This also improves your cashflows and keeps control on payables.