“Collaboration helps our SMEs build track records, pool resources, share best practices and create new business opportunities. Mr Teo Ser Luck, Minister of State for Trade and Industry”

Project INVICTUS was inspired by the clarion call given by the Government of Singapore to the industry to shape up and enhance productivity. If your goal is also to improve the productivity and not just survive but thrive in this challenging global business environment, you need to be on INVICTUS.

Here are a few important reasons why!

  • End-to-end Productivity Solutions and Tools for Buyers and Sellers
  • Performance, security, reliability for business continuity
  • eCredit to free up cashflow and reduce system risk
  • ePayment and Invoice Management
  • Integrated marketplace for Buyers and Sellers
  • Enabling B2B2B Collaborative Transactions
  • Join INVICTUS to leverage cloud-based eCommerce advanced in our Internet Data Economy
  • Real-time dashboards and up-to-date info for management and control of operation
  • Daily Reports, KPI, Project Status, Order, Cash, Sales Visibility and Tracking
  • Single, Unified and User Friendly Platform customized to support business productivity and growth
  • Business owners can free up their administrative resources so as to focus on their growth in their business
  • Industry Standard for Confidentiality

eCredit Management

(Maximise working capital utilization)
Manage credit terms, fluctuations in business & reduce systematic risk.


Free up cash flows to stay competitive
Option for upfront payment
Reduce Risk of Buyer Payment Default


Leverage Supplier Credit for project cash flow
Option for extend payment term
Reduce Risk of Supplier Shipment Default
Expedite purchases with pre-approved credit

World class Security and performance with Amazon Cloud

  • Hosted on Amazon, securely generated, store, and manage data encryption Meet corporate, contractual and regulatory compliance requirements for data security Privacy Policy in place, Multi-factor Authentication & Encrypted Data Storage